Mary-Margaret Scholtens M.S.E. Reading

Executive Director, M.S.E. Reading, The APPLE Group for Dyslexia, Inc.

Mary-­Margaret Scholtens is the Executive Director of The APPLE Group, Inc, in Jonesboro, Arkansas. She has been educating teachers, parents, and students in dyslexia since 1997. Scholtens is the author of several teaching manuals including Connections: OG in 3D. Scholtens holds a B.S. in Elementary Education wiith an Endorsement in Reading Diagnosis and Remediation, and an M.S.E. in Reading. Scholtens teaches Dyslexia Endorsement courses in the M.S.E. in Reading program at the University of Arkansas, which is accredited by IDA. She also works in private practice and serves on the Executive Board of The Coalition for Reading Excellence, and the Advisory Board of The International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction. Scholtens is the recipient of the 2016 Patrick Groff National Right to Read Foundation Teacher of the Year.