Susan C. Lowell M.A., BCET

Director, Reading and Literacy Clinic; Adjunct Faculty, Bay State University

Susan C. Lowell, M.A., B.C.E.T., a Fulbright Professor and an adjunct faculty member at Simmons College, specializes in reading research and literacy assessment. In her clinic, Ms. Lowell provides educational evaluation, consultation, and advocacy. Ms. Lowell served as a VP of the Board of Directors of IDA and President of NC IDA. Ms. Lowell was a reading and literacy consultant at Duke University and The University of NC. Ms. Lowell serves as an Associate to the Advisory Committee on Exceptional Children of the Office of Overseas Schools, U.S. Dept. of State. Ms. Lowell is a published author and an internationally recognized expert on specific learning disabilities including dyslexia. She has been a keynote speaker, symposium chair, and invited speaker at international and national conferences. Ms. Lowell is the lead co-author of the IDA publication, Basic Facts About Assessment of Dyslexia: Testing for Teaching and the Fact Sheet, Dyslexia Assessment: What is It and How Can It Help?