Nancy_Chapel Eberhardt

Nancy Chapel Eberhardt M.A.

Educational Consultant and Author, 3T Literacy Group

Nancy Chapel Eberhardt is currently an educational consultant with 3T Literacy Group. Her professional experiences include special education teacher, administrator, and professional development provider. Nancy also contributed as author and co-author to the development of the literacy curriculum LANGUAGE!, a comprehensive literacy intervention curriculum, including Categories and Sortegories. She co-authored RtI: The Forgotten Tier with Joanne Allain. Nancy is currently working with Margie Gillis to write the Literacy How Professional Learning Series to support a Structured Literacy plan of study for teachers. She also is a member of IDA’s Perspectives Parent/Practitioner Publications Committee for which she has been co-theme editor for four recent issues and contributed an article Syntax: Somewhere Between Words and Text, as well as multiple book reviews.