Charlotte G. Andrist Ph.D., NCSP

Educational Consultant, OG Structured Literacy & Dyslexia

Dr. Andrist is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist specializing in the diagnosis/remediation of dyslexia and an Orton-Gillingham International (OGI) Nationally Certified Master Trainer under Ron Yoshimoto. She earned her master’s degree in Learning Disabilities from the University of Oregon and her Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Case Western Reserve University. Her retraining in School Psychology was completed at Cleveland State University. As an Associate Professor at Notre Dame College, she initiated and directed the Reading Endorsement and Master's in Reading programs. As part of these programs, she began reading clinics on campus and in the Cleveland Municipal School District where she worked as a school psychologist. She is active at the national, state and local levels of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA); she co-chairs the OSPA Dyslexia Committee and the Ohio IDA Executive Legislative Committee and chairs the joint OSPA/ Ohio IDA Dyslexia Handbook subcommittee. She has been a leader in both dyslexia legislation in Ohio and teacher education in dyslexia in Ohio’s colleges and universities. As a dyslexic and the parent/grandparent of dyslexic children/grandchildren, Dr. Andrist has a profound personal and professional commitment to provide support for struggling readers including students with dyslexia.