Sandra Donah Ed.D.

Special Education Director of Hartford Public Schools, and Clinical Director of Western Massachusetts Learning Centers for Children

Dr. Sandra Donah is a Director of Special Education with Hartford Public Schools and oversees the special education services of students with disabilities both within district and in out of district schools. In addition, she oversees the professional development of staff, with a focus on providing Orton-Gillingham training, intervention and progress monitoring training, and training on how to complete comprehensive reading evaluations.

She has been a certified trainer in Orton Gillingham since 2008 as well as a trainer in Advanced Language Structures. Dr. Donah is the Clinical Director of Western Massachusetts Learning Centers for Children where she oversees the instruction, supervision and development of curriculum, as well at teaching Orton-Gillingham courses. She is on the Board of Directors for the International Multisensory Language and Education Council since 2013.

She is the author of three books, Donah Orton-Gillingham Progress Monitoring Assessment System, (in press), Improving Phonemic Awareness Skills in Struggling Students of all Ages, and Improving Morphemic Awareness Skills Using Latin Roots and Greek Combining Forms.

Dr. Donah has presented at the Orton-Gillingham Practitioners Conference in 2016 on Progress Monitoring in Orton-Gillingham. (April 2016) and The IDA Conference 2017.

Dr. Sandra Donah was awarded her Doctor of Education degree from American International College in 2012. Her Dissertation study focused on the efficacy of Orton-Gillingham in Public Schools. She received her Certificate of Advanced Studies (C.A.G.S.) from American International College in 2004 with a focus on Special Education and her Master’s degree from the same college in 2002 with a focus on Elementary Education. Dr. Donah received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Assumption College in 1981 with a major in Social and Rehabilitation Services.